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Low Air Pressure & Volume Automatic Spray Gun - G05 Series

Top market share in digital electrical appliances and cellular phone, digital camera, compressor and container bottle etc.

Automatic Spray Gun G05 Series

Recently, low pressure atomizing spray guns are apt to be used taking place of electrostatic sprayer because of high efficiency paint adhesion, good paint penetration and less paint scattering.

We have two types of "Low prussure atomizing gun" which are flat spray pattern (G05-23) and round spray pattern (G05-38). Many of our low pressure atomizing guns are adopted in the painting for cellular phone, electromagnetic wave shield material on PC, functional paint on piston, valve, turbo charger of automotive parts, fluorescent light (photocatalyst paint), super-thin paint layer of cosmetic bottle and receiving a favourable notice.

Fluorine paint, UV paint, silicon paint and molybdenum are very expensive. Therefore , it requires high efficient paint adhesion even one percent for cost reduction and less paint spattering and scattering from the point of environmental. Mesac's low pressure atomizing gun G05 series meet those market needs perfectly.


  • Atomizing at low pressure and low volume

    • - High efficiency for paint adhesion and little loss of paint
    • - Good paint penetration
    • - Less spattering and scattering of paint
    • - Preventing the stains on booth spray (Preventing the over spray)

  • Atomizing nozzle is made of cemented carbide and precision processed

    • - Excels in atomizing
    • - Smooth paint layer can be done at low pressure

  • Specially shaped paint nozzle

    • - Preventing the paint dripping and spitting
    • - Less stain on air cap


    Digital camera                                                         Cellular phone

    Compressor                                                              Container bottle

    Main uses:

    Paint Type


    Painting Object

    Fluorine Paint
    Carburetor throttle, Piston, Valve, O-ring
    Copy machine roll, PC parts, Electromagnetic valve plunger
    Camera lens tube, VCR parts, Gear
    UV Paint Plastic
    Cellular phone, Cosmetic bottle, Optical instruments
    Furniture, Desk, Door, Golf club
    Silicon Paint Electrical Buttons of PC, Cellular phone
    Molybdenum Automotive Turbo charger, Compressor
    Photocatalyst Lighting instrument, Mirror, Building material, Glass product
    Inorganic Paint Container bottle, Sink utensil


    G05-23 (Flat Pattern)

    Weight: 504g
    Paint nozzle bore: 1.0mm
    Atomizing pressure: 0.03~0.2MPa
    Pilot air: 0.35MPa or over
    Air consumption: 100~200Nℓ/min
    Pattern size: 30~120mm
    Paint delivery: 5~120cc/min

    G05-38 (Round Pattern)

    Weight: 471g
    Paint nozzle bore: 0.8mm
    Atomizing pressure: 0.02~0.1MPa
    Pilot air: 0.35MPa or over
    Air consumption: 15~30Nℓ/min
    Pattern size: 3~20mm
    Paint delivery: 0.5~30cc/min