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Trinity Coating Systems, Bangalore offer our customers, full range of comprehensive services like, cleaning, repair and annual maintenance of paint paints shop equipments. TRINITY also offer modification and revamping of paint plants.

TRINITY is one of the leading project based company in paint shop projects for automobile sector. We offer full range of services from planning and design to manufacture, erection and installation of paint plants, painting equipments to suit customers needs.

provide variety of services like design, project management, cleaning and maintenance support to our customers in automobile industry.

Administrative Managament Capabilities & Services:

1. Design & Engineering:

Total turnkey paint plants can be engineered in association with our principals, Trinity Industrial Corp. - Japan. Layouts, general assemblies, flow charts, fabrication & erectiona drawings etc. are made jointly with our principals. Detailed specifications engineering designs and drawings are prepared specific to customer needs.

2. Fabrication of Equipment:

Fabricated equipment would normally include mainly tanks, tunnels, booth and oven panels, structures, decks, booth undersection, heater and filter boxes, ducting, piping and similar items. These items are manufactured either in sub-assembled form or in component parts and sent to site where final assembly is carried out.

This requires accumulation of data specific to the project and constant interaction between local procurement team and the design group.

Once manufacturing drawings are available, fabrication work is distributed among pre-assessed vendors capable of delivering the quality and timeliness required for scheduled implementation of the project. Vendors are assessed based on.

- Machinery and other facilities available, specific to type of fabrication required.

- Quality standards being followed.

- Quality of output and expertise of manpower.

- Distance from ultimate destination.

- Management commitment to schedules & past experience.

- Financial standing.

3. Bought Out Equipment:

For localised bought out items like pumps, motors, valves, fans, heat exchangers, chillers, DM plants, air dryers, boilers etc., sufficient know-how and expertise is available within the organisation to co-ordinate and technically asses the vendors and finally get a quality product.

Based on design specifications, inquiries are sent to reputed manufacturers. After receipt of bids, vendors are assessed and are selected based on capability to deliver a quality product on time and at optimum costs.

During the manufacturing process, regular visits are made to the vendors to ensure commitments made are being adhered to.

4. Erection of Imported and Local Equipment:

Pre-qualified erection contractors are selected based on capabilities and past experience. Area-wise work distribution is done and manpower plan is drawn up keeping in view schedules to be attained. Regular reviews of progress are done based on pre-planned schedules and corrective action on delays is promptly administered.

Erection is carried out keeping in focus quality and timeliness but not forgetting safety, cost effectiveness and cleanliness.