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Our Products

Trinity Coating Systems has two types of "Low prussure atomizing gun" which are flat spray pattern (G05-23) and round spray pattern (G05-38). Recently, low pressure atomzing spray guns are apt to be used taking place of electrostatic sprayer because of high efficiency paint adhesion, good paint penetration and less paint scattering. Trinity's compact and light weight electrostaitc paint spray gun with cascade module RBG-42, RBG-40 and automatic electrostatic air spray guns ARG-20, ARG-30 are suitable for low resistant paint & flexible pattern control and high transfer efficiency and coverage.

Paint Plants:

Trinity Coating is one of the few project based company that is able to guarantee the quality of its full range of services from planning and design to manufacture and operation, even up to after-sale care and maintenance for the full range of painting processes including pre-treatment, base coat (electrodeposition), intermediate coat, top coat and drying.

Trinity Coating will provide an exact assessment of needs and then create optimum system for fulling them.

Trinity Coating has the strong backing of its group companies, which have vast technology and expertise, which may be applied not only to major plants, but also to smaller operations.

Paint Equipment:

Trinity Coating designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of paint process equipment that can greatly reduce your painting costs, such as electrostatic painting machines, automatic painting equipment of all kinds, paint feeders and a wide variety of other devices. These products are all manufactured with the aim of reducing energy consuption, conserving resources, redicing manpower requirements and creating a pollution-free environment, contributing greatly to plant efficiency and safety.

Trinity Coating also outsources some of critical items from group companies.