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Paint Finishing System

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Paint Finishing System

Trinity's total guarantee covers any size of entire paint finishing systems from start to finish stage andfrom planning to after-sales services.

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As a leading expert of paint finishing systems, Trinity offers a total plant engineering service including the design, manufacture, inatallation and start-up of complete paint finishing systems comprising all stages such as pre-treatment, electro coating, surface coating, finish coating and baking. All aspects of our services and supplies, including our after-sales service, carry our total quality guarantee. We have the rare ability to act as a general contractor on a world-scale.

The capability applies not only to large-sacle plants but also to mini-plants, which are handled with the same uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence. Trinity will propose optimum paint finishing system to meet the customers' need utilizing coating technologies developed with in-house coating experience.

Major Paint Coating System:

► High Efficient Water Rinse
► Iron Particle Removing
► Low Frequency Agitation
► High Quality Electro Coating
► High Quality Electro Coating
► Minimize Sludge at     Pretreatment & E-Coating
► Closed Waste Water Treatment
► Powder Coating
► Water Borne Paint Coating

► 2-Stage Water Rinse Recovery     System by UF
► Centralized Spray Booth     Control
► Air Flow/Direction Control
► Energy Saving Temperature     Control
► Paint Sludge Minimizing System
► Energy Monitoring

► Planet Link (System Operation     Management)
► Digital Engineering
► System Operation Monitoring
► Hydrodynamic Analysis
► Conveyor Chain Weariness     Measuring

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Major Equipment:

► Pretreatment
► Heat Exchange for Phosphating
► Electro Coating
► Spray Booth
► High Efficient Paint Collector
► Air Make-up
► Entharpy Wheel
► Baking Oven
► Incinerator
► VOC Treatment
► Waste Water Treatment
► Paint Sludge Treatment
► Conveyor
► Factory Air Conditioning