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Paint Application Machine

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Paint Application Machine

High performance and high efficiency are the hallmark of the extensive range of Trinity Paint ApplicationMachine designed and manufactured by Trinity itself utilizing its superior know-how and experience.

Pre-Heat Oven for Water Borne Paint

Trinity undertakes the development, design and manufacture of a wide range of paint coating machines and related equipment. We offer a comprehensive array of systems designed to help our customers achieve major savings in coating costs. These systems include electrostatic paint coating equipment, alltypes of automatic paint coating equipment, paint circulation systems and a full range of painting machines. All of these products are developed with particular attention given to energy and resources savings, low manpower requirement, non-polluting and environment conserving features to make a decisive contribution to improving the efficiency and safety of paint finishing systems. Trinity paint application machines are completely manufactured in house to achieve and guarantee uncompromising standards.

Major Paint Application Machine:

► Electrostatic Coating Machine
► Robot
► Reciprocator
► Automatic Coating Machine
► 2-Component Coating Machine
► Paint Circulation System
► Cartridge Paint Supply System

► Automatic Color Changer
► Electrostatic Spray Gun
► Electrostatic Rotating Bell     Type Paint Adaptor
► Non Electro-Charge Bell
► Module Color Change Valve

► Waste Liquid Recovery
► Electrostatic Flocking Machine
► Multi Gear Pump
► Flushable Gear Pump
► Quick Washer

PT / ED Bumper Paint




Major Paint Coating System:

► Water Borne Paint Supply System
► Gun Change System
► Non-adjustable Dual Piping System